Little Nightmares: Six and the yellow raincoat

Six and the yellow raincoat through the maw

Little nightmares is a very special game with a unique atmosphere and story. Six, the main character of the game, dressed in a yellow raincoat, faces an endless adventure surrounded by darkness. We think it’s not the colour we would use to hide, but the truth is that Six looks great.

There are no dialogues, no explanations. The player understands the story as it happens, leaving a lot of room for imagination. They have done a great marketing campaign giving information little by little and creating ambiguity.

japanese restaurant little nightmares

In this way, they have developed a lore that no other game has been able to match. There are many theories about what happens in the game, maybe one per player. Little Nightmares has become more than just a puzzle game. He has managed to create a puzzle of emotions and theories in each person who has enjoyed his story.

Information about Little Nightmares

  • Developer: Tarsier Studios
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Genre: Puzzle-platformer adventure
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch
  • Release: 28 April 2017 (Nintendo Switch 18 May 2018)

Little Nightmares review

Six begins the adventure in the depths of the maw. She will have to get around different scenes in the form of puzzles by climbing and running away from her pursuers.

We recommend not to continue reading if you have not played yet. Little Nightmares is a game that you have to discover for yourself.

The beginning of the story, the depths

In this first part of the game, she will discover that there are children locked up, asleep. They are watched by the Janitor who will not hesitate to catch her with his long arms if he has the chance.

The player also will notice in this part that Six suffers mysterious hunger attacks that weaken her. These episodes are very important in the game’s lore. One of the things that people talk about most is the child who provides the piece of bread that makes her recover.

gnomes little nightmares

While Six climbs, she will find gnomes that will help or hinder according to the situation. To move into the kitchen, she will have to beat Janitor by cutting off his long arms.

The kitchen

In the kitchen, she confronts the twin chefs who cook the strange tied sacks that came from the depths on a conveyor belt. They are preparing a great meal but they will have no doubt in catching Six in her escape. In her attacks of hunger Six eats things not so… Appetizing? A live rat!

Japanese restaurant

When she escapes from the kitchen, she climbs the anchor chain. On his way up, she sees many guests entering the ship, which is a giant Japanese-style restaurant. These will be her adversaries in this part of the game. They will literally go awkwardly over six if it gets too close. If it does not bother them they will continue eating tons of food.

japanese restaurant little nightmares

In this episode Six will destroy our hearts, eating a gnome that offers her a sausage. The importance of this scene will be clear when we analyze the DLCs.

The lady's house

In the highest place of the maw, the lady’s house, Six will fight her. The stage is full of broken mirrors and mannequins that look like the lady. The darkness helps to enjoy the best moments of the game in this area.

To win, Six will have to use the only whole mirror left. The lady cannot be reflected in the mirror. After dodging several attacks she will get the lady to fall to the ground. At that moment, Six will jump to the lady’s neck and eat her.

Happy ending: Six beats all bosses without spotting the yellow raincoat

Six has acquired the powers of the lady. Crosses the dining room towards the door. The hungry guests will try to eat her but she makes them disappear in a black cloud. The drawing of the door, which was once the eye of the lady, now has the shape of the yellow raincoat. The door opens. Six and several gnomes peek out, it seems that a ship is approaching…

Little nightmares characters

Six, the main character:

Wrapped in her yellow raincoat and with a lighter to defeat the darkness. It is not clear if she is a girl or a boy, but in more content of Little nightmares that we still do not want to reveal, we can intuit that she is a girl. Is six evil? Can she avoid it? What do you think?

The janitor:

A character with long arms. The skin of the face has become a wrinkle that does not let him see. Takes care of sleeping children and wraps the strange packages sent to the kitchen by the conveyor belt.

The twin Chefs:

Two huge chefs who don’t stop cooking. If Six is caught it is not seen what happens, but we can imagine that they will include her in the menu.


Adorable characters that appear in some scenes of the game. Sometimes they help, but sometimes they attract unwanted attention from the bad guys.

geisha little nightmares

The lady:

She is the final boss of the Maw, a floating geisha. She appears on several occasions in the cinematics of the game. Her watchful eye immobilizes Six.

The ending

Compared to the length of other games it is a short game, but the story gives a lot of time to think and draw theories. A game with an even philosophical background! A game that will not leave you indifferent. Full of emotions of all kinds. We will not advance theories, we will wait until we discover the DLCs and then we will discover what else this wonderful game hides.