Coraline and the yellow raincoat

The other mother sews the yellow raincoat

After seeing the important role that this movie has dedicated to our beloved icon, we think Coraline deserves a tribute in the form of a little review. A beautiful animated stop-motion movie based on the homonymous novel by Neil Gaiman. The adaptation for the cinema was written and directed by Henry Selick. Keep reading, let’s unravel the mysteries that Coraline the movie hides, which are not few!

The movie begins strongly, the hands of the beldam, the other mother, are the protagonists of the first scene of the film. She prepares a rag doll, a spy rag doll with a beautiful yellow raincoat. And it resembles Coraline but with button eyes!

button needle eyes coraline

Coraline has moved to a new house in the countryside due to her parents’ work. They are working on a garden catalogue and do not have time to entertain their restless daughter. Luckily for Coraline, the community is full of strange characters that will help her or not in the imminent adventure.

Coraline Jones meets Wybie and the cat

Coraline goes out to look for an old well with her yellow raincoat and along the way, a wild cat follows her. This cat is very important in the film and literally unique! Upon reaching a clearing in the forest she begins to invoke the well with a wand. That is when Wybie arrives violently, the grandson of the owner of the house that her parents have rented. Although this first meeting is not very good, Wybie’s help is crucial throughout the movie.

In addition to showing Coraline the deep well, he tells her that it is rare for the grandmother to have rented the house to a family with children. Coraline asks why, but Wybie leaves without answering.

Once at home, Coraline’s parents do not satisfy her need for fun. Her mother even forbids her to leave the house because of the mud and rain. But she has a yellow raincoat! Leave her!

The father doesn’t help, he doesn’t even raise his head from the keyboard. The only thing she gets is a very boring game, counting elements of the house. While performing this task Coraline finds a small door behind the wallpaper, hidden. After much insisting her mother opens the door with an old key found in the drawer of the keys. What she finds behind surprises her, it is bricked up.

That night, Wybie comes to give her a gift, a rag doll, which resembles her. He tells her something that his grandmother had a twin sister who disappeared in that house.

Coraline and the other mother

A mouse wakes Coraline at night and guides her to the small door, which is not surprisingly bricked up. Coraline, as a good explorer, enters through the door. On the other side, she finds a world very similar to her, but better. He finds his other mother in the kitchen, and when he turns around he sees that instead of eyes she has buttons.

She is lovely, more than her mother. She also meets his other father, who sings a hilarious song. That world is incredible, she is going to have time to discover it in the next days. When Coraline falls asleep in the other world, she wakes up in the real world.

When she tells her parents about her adventures, they don’t believe it. During the following days and nights, Coraline meets her neighbours both in the real world and in the other world. The characters from the other world are better and offer fun shows that she enjoys a lot. The whole cast of the other world has button eyes, all but the cat.

The cat also speaks in the other world and can disappear! Suspicions that something strange happens start to increase in Coraline. One night, having dinner with his other parents, they offer him a gift. Inside the box, she finds a pair of buttons, a pair of buttons to put them in her eyes!

Coraline is not going to wear those buttons and sneaks into her bedroom to sleep and appear in the real world. But this time she doesn’t wake up in her real bed, she’s trapped in the other world!

The other mother is a beldam

Now Coraline has discovered the truth, the other mother is a witch who offers what she wants most. She spied on her with the ragdoll and knows how to fool her. Finds three children without eyes locked in a mirror. The other mother has taken their eyes and soul.
To avoid that, she tries to escape and in the escape the cat, the strange cat, tells her how to beat the other mother, challenging her to a game, she loves games.

house in a hill coraline

The game they will play will be to find the eyes of the trapped children and also find their parents who have been kidnapped by the other mother.

Coraline fights against the characters of the other world, which are controlled by the witch. For this, she has the help of the cat and an amulet that the old ladies of the real world gave her. Once she gets the eyes of the ghost children she realizes that the witch is not going to let them go. Finds her parents in a crystal ball and escapes chased by the witch, who has become a spider of metal. Coraline, the eyes of ghost children, the cat and their parents cross the door and escape.

This is how Coraline manages to return to the real world, boring but at least certain. She has managed to free the souls of ghost children, who will now rest in peace.

The detail of the cat in Coraline

At the end of the movie, the cat appears on the entrance sign of the house and disappears in the same way as in the other world. Many people have theorized about this matter, and obviously, we also have our own theory.

We want to continue writing about Coraline Jones and her yellow raincoat. We will do it in another post explaining our own theory.