5 things to do on a raining day

Activities to do when it is raining

Put on your yellow raincoat, go outside and enjoy even if it’s a stormy day. Bad weather conditions offer us many fun things to do.

couple in yellow raincoat

We just need to have the right equipment for the rain and a little common sense. Just a pleasant walk close to home can make the warmth of the sofa even more welcoming, but there’s a lot more! Read on and you’ll find out what activities you can do on a raining day.

And remember,

there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes!

raining things to do

5 things to do in a raining day, equipped with a yellow raincoat of course!

  • Go out and enjoy! Jump into the mud puddles like when you were a kid, even if you’re an adult. Mud is easy to clean in a waterproof garment if you don’t let it dry, and the truth is that getting dirty is fun, tremendously fun!
  • For photographers, bad weather is synonymous of opportunity. Do the same thing and amaze others on Instagram! That magical light that sometimes happens moments before a storm or the rainbow that appears just to say goodbye. Stay there to capture the moment. Remember that there is no problem if you get wet, but keep your camera dry!
log cloudy raining day
  • Walk, walk on roads, paths, rainforests, surrounded by old buildings of the city,… And shine, shine your yellow raincoat, shine because you’re happy, you’re full of colour. Walk aimlessly to see where your feet take you. You can find some little adventure! Who knows.
  • Lakes are wonderful places in bad weather days. Waterbirds do not hide from the rain and continue with their normal life while everything else is paralyzed. Seeing the raindrops slide down their bodies is a spectacle that toddlers will never forget. It is convenient to go to places enabled for it and not leave the established path. Birds should not be disturbed, and getting lost could be a problem.
  • Okay, sometimes the conditions are not appropriate to go out, you have to be careful with cold and lightning. In these situations, in my case, I meet a friend who lives near me, we play video games, watch movies, … Whatever you want. If it’s the whole weekend, some home improvements and a little cleaning can make you at least feel satisfied. It may not be the most fun but it was worth it.
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Who hasn't seen pictures of people in yellow rain jacket having fun in a rainy day?

In some places of the world, bad weather is more usual than sunny days. If a rainy day is a bad day for you, aren’t there too many bad days? You can enjoy bad weather with a mix of attitude, a good layer of impermeable and a hot shower when you get home. Something hot to drink can also help.

If you have your raincoat, some good water boots and you open the door, we’re on the right track. Just have to stop complaining because you’re cold and wet and open your eyes to see the magical world hiding under the vastness of raindrops falling around.

greenhouse yellow raincoat

Don’t you like photos of rainforests? Stormy clouds? Raindrops on the leaves of the trees? We love those photographs, we love them from the comfort of the home sofa. We love to look out the window on a rainy day. How you’re not going to enjoy being there?

Rainy day and Monday!

We know it’s hard, the week starts rainy, Monday goes uphill and the dog looks at you imploring you to go outside. Turning this situation around is your decision, your attitude can make it hell or a pleasant walk.

Don’t fight the rain, join it. You can smell it, touch it, and above all you can feel it. Grab your yellow raincoat, go out and have fun with these fun things to do on a rainy day.