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How has the yellow raincoat gone from being workwear associated with fishermen to a fashion icon that never goes out of style?

The yellow raincoat is an icon of society. Why? We simply adore it. He can get us a smile in the middle of a storm, what more can you ask for?

What are the factors that have influenced this change? The striking colour makes it not go unnoticed and the fact of being so cute has been able to influence something, but there is much more:

The yellow rain jacket in the movies

  • Has a decisive role in It, the 1990 movie, with the well-known sewer scene. Read more…
  • Coraline wears one, the American animated film written and directed by Henry Selick. Lovely!
  • The bad boy from Jurassic park wears one when he tries to run away and faces the Dilophosaurus. Great scene!
  • He is the king of the cover of Singing in the rain the musical-romantic comedy. The movie that represents our way of facing bad weather.
  • And many more…
greenhouse yellow raincoat

The yellow raincoat in other media

  • The song in which Justin Bieber talks about how he has to protect himself from fame and the “He said, she said”.
  • Little Nightmares is a Bandai Namco Entertainment game whose protagonist advances through the Maw wrapped in a yellow rain jacket.
  • The champion of Lol, League of legends, Fizz has a very cool skin called Fisherman Fizz.
  • Some time ago, the meme of a girl in a yellow raincoat became quite viral.

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 It is our favourite icon, because it protects us, because we like its striking colour and because we love how cute it is!​